Friday, January 7, 2011

It was an "A" Day today - and Work!

As I mentioned last weekend, my new chemo cycle is

Week 1 HAZ - Herceptin, Abraxane, Zometa
Week 2 A - Abraxane
Week 3 HA - Herceptin, Abraxane
Week 4 Whew! - no treatment!

So, today was an "A" Day. It was fine. The appointment went long since we had to wait almost an hour for the labs. When I was finished, it was time for lunch, so my folks and I went to Appleby's.

Then I went to my office and met with one of my grad students. A very good meeting.

Then I had to talk to my office manager/accounting guru about a variety of budget-related topics.

Then back to my office to try to find a file that I haven't been able to find for several days. I also had to talk to my friend and colleague in Hawaii about some of the budget stuff and I searched for the file while I talked to her.

And, then!!! I found a file I had been missing for months!!! And, then, about 10-15 minutes later, I found the newer-lost file!! Both were in a drawer I had searched multiple times. I told her that talking to her helped me find the files and then she mentioned that they found their way back to this dimension from another one. I told her that I needed her help to open a portal between the dimensions! Hee hee! For me, I think the steroids I had in my pre-meds had kicked in.

I picked up Eddie about 30 minutes after that and I was fairly silly.

Yep, steroids. That's my story and I'm stick in' to it!

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