Friday, January 21, 2011

I am saddened . . . And tired - earlier I was mad at the nurse

I didn't sleep well at all last night - too much caffeine I think - and then had to go without eating for my CT scan this morning. So I was not in a good mood at all. I ran into work to do some accounting stuff, then went to the scan.

I got mad at the IV nurse because she couldn't get blood return using the port in my arm - and yet the nurses at the Infusion Center haven't really had problems - so she stuck me twice in the port but rather than be gentle, she just jammed it in. Then she try to get blood by pressing hard on the port - ouch - like three times. She gave up and then decided to put in an IV on my other arm, right on the bone. Ouch again!

She was brusque, didn't apologize for her roughness, and then left.

I lay there crying in anger - and I had to be still for the CT scan - because I was just so tired to do much else. I got through the scan - it went fairly quickly when all was said and done. By that time, I had gathered myself and then told the tech I thought she was unnecessarily rough. But I said it calmly and didn't blame him. He apologized for her. Next time, I may get the IV started at the Infusion Center, where the nurses are compassionate and friendly and I know them. Then walk ocher to CT with everything ready to go.

Then, in catching up on other blogs and read about Daria, at Life With Cancer. She lives in Edmonton. Just last week, she was feeling melancholy because she felt like she was deteriorating. Unfortunately, it looks like she was right - her husband posted for her, said she wasn't able to post herself, and she was going to Hospice.

Damn cancer. Please send good thoughts and prayers to her and her husband. She has been fighting this for a long time, was always friendly, sweet, and supportive. She will be missed.


Carver said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that Dee. I recently had a CT (routine and nothing cancerous showed up) and I noticed the difference in the nurse from others I'd had. In my case, fortunately, she was nice but it was uncomfortable. Normally it's fine and no problems. It would upset me if the nurse wasn't nice about it. Bad enough that there's such a big difference in skill at times without rudeness.

Spirit said...

I am sending prayers and blessings to Daria and her husband. It chokes me up hearing about this. Damn cancer all to hell! So sorry to hear about your friend. Hang in there daughter!! <3<3<3

Jill said...

Dee, I think we are all saying "damn cancer" as we read about Daria. She has been through so much and I only hope they make her comfortable and free of pain while her family surrounds her with love.
You also have gone through so much Dee and you are a very strong lady.

Dee said...

@Carver, it was the rudeness that bothered me more than anything else. I mean, obviously I'm in treatment for cancer - can't miss it with my bald head. I'm glad your nurse was nice and am doubly glad that your CT scan was normal!

@Dad, thanks!

@Jill, I hope they make Daria comfortable, too. I just read about your latest check-up - the nerve damage and the other discussions about pain and such - and like you said to me, you've been through a lot, too. BTW, I loved your pics of BC and also Las Vegas. It looked like a beautiful day up there.