Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Henna Party!

Part of the reason why I didn't sleep on Sunday night, I think, was because of all the excitement from Sunday evening.  You see, I had a henna party at my house!

I have heard of people - women mostly - who sometimes get tattoos on their head when they become bald from treatment.  So, rather than doing something so permanently, I decided it would be fun to get a henna design on my bald noggin.

I decided on a lotus flower - I want to know more about the symbolism of the lotus flower; I know that in Buddhism, there is an association with enlightenment.  I also liked the idea that its roots are in the mud and muck and yet, here is this beautiful flower rising above it all.  It seems an appropriate symbol or metaphor for someone who has cancer, doesn't it?  That there's something beautiful that can grow out of something ugly.  Or, even the idea that the ugly has a purpose, which is to support the growth of something beautiful.

So, I had a group of friends and family over on Sunday evening and a wonderful henna artist, Kailyn, who owns her own business here in town called Mehndi in the Morning, came over to create designs for all of us.

I changed my profile pic here on the blog to show you what my design looked like on my head - after removing the henna the next day, it's a nice light brown color.  I shows up better with the dark, so I decided to use that image.

Here are the other designs that friends and family chose from our evening - I won't identify the people since I don't have their permission.  I figure I can share their designs with you, though!

The first is my wrist.  The design turned out a nice brown!

We had a great time .  . . and now I'm seriously thinking of getting a tattoo on my head.  I know it'll be there when my hair grows back. And, if I ever lost my hair again, I'd have something there.

At any rate, thank you so much, Kailyn!  The designs are beautiful!  I appreciate your time and effort!


cyn said...

What a great idea, Dee! I wish I had thought of that - I would so totally have rocked a skull and cross bones in honour of my boys. The lotus flower was a beautiful choice - far more lovely and spiritual.

Wear it with pride! :-)

Dee said...

Thanks, Cyn! I've been getting compliments on the design. I am even contemplating a real tat there . . . .