Friday, January 28, 2011

Keeping Busy

It's been a somewhat busy week - but then when are't they?

Eddie had his Science Fair earlier this week. He received a "red ribbon award" for his project, meaning he was in the 2nd highest 25% of his class. He just didn't elaborate very much on his conclusions, which was the main reason he was marked down. But a little birdie told me that one of the judges said that Eddie's project was his favorite. His project was "Game On!" in which he tried to find out which position would give him the fastest time on Mario Kart Double Dash. His results was sitting on an exercise ball, then sitting on a stool, then standing, then lying down.

I've been working on taxes, too, in the evenings. Organizing receipts and creating spreadsheets. Ya wanna know how much I spent on medical expenses? About $7,100. This included deductibles (or out of pocket expenses), what insurance didn't pay for acupuncture, pharmacy, dressings, dental, travel to Seattle, and Chinese herbs and supplements. (Criminy, no wonder I wasn't able to pay down my HELOC very much!)

Last night, I hung out with my volleyball buddies before the game, then I watched the game, and then we hung out some more afterwards. The first evening in a long time when I felt mostly normal and could stay out that late (i.e., 9:30pm). Yay!

It's interesting. As my loyal readers know, I've been feeling very fatigued and also tired of being tired, and maybe discouraged because I could see that the tumors in my left armpit aren't shrinking as fast as I might want them to. I haven't felt really social because of that. However, this week, with the good news on the CT scan, the last Abraxane treatment (and being able to start growing my hair again), the news that I'll be done with the wound in about six weeks, etc., I suddenly feel more social, so I was cheery last night, joking around with my friends, giving them a bad time while they played. Happy to be alive, in other words.

I think between the good news and going to Hawaii . . . I'd have to say that life is good. Thanks to everyone who continues to keep me in their thoughts and prayers!

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