Sunday, January 16, 2011

Need to do more days like yesterday . . .

Since I was in the middle of The Girl Who Played with Fire yesterday - and had the sum total of 2-3 hours sleep (thank you steroids!) - I decided yesterday was going to be a "lazy day".

So, what did I do? Read most of the morning and then most of the evening. Got some supplies for Eddie's Science Fair project. Ran into some other parents at Eddie's school who were doing the same. Then spent most of the afternoon and into the evening working on that with him. Writing up things, printing it out, cutting it up, and gluing it on the poster board.

I only ventured out once.

It was kinda nice. I feel pretty relaxed - and while there are work projects hanging over my head, I don't feel too stressed about them.

I really need to do this more often.


శ్రీనివాస్ said...

nice post

j said...

Agreed! Rest is good. There's a lot to be said for the leisurely tea and the long nap, too. Take good care.