Monday, January 3, 2011

New Schedule

After a relatively quiet few days over New Year's (stayed home and enjoyed the evening with Eddie on Friday/Friday evening, buffet at Spirit Mountain on Saturday, work around the house on Sunday), I started my new work schedule today.

I am officially a "fellow" at the Center for the Humanities. This means that I won't be teaching any courses this term, and in theory, won't be serving on any committees (but there are two that I can't avoid). My purpose is to write.

I had some paperwork to do in my regular Anthro office this morning and then I went to my Humanities office. I like the location - a nice southeastern light comes through the window in the morning. I spent the morning trying to configure Entourage, to no avail. I'll just access my email via the Outlook link. I managed to do some editing to a revise and resubmit article. I still have more to do. I had lunch with a friend at Evergreen, a local Indian food buffet (yummy nan and chicken takhini). Then I picked up Eddie.

After this revise/resubmit, I hope to finish up a quick application, then it's working on my book manuscript.

No big news. Just monitoring the satellite lesions in the wound. And, work. I could use with some more sleep - hopefully tonight.

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