Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If There Was a Voice Speaking, I'd say, "It's music to my ears!"

So, what's the equivalent for sight! Maybe a "sight for sore eyes!" But that doesn't seem right.

Ah, what am I talking about? Well, it's the CT scan report, which is as follows:

1. There has been response to this patient's treatment regimen. The pulmonary nodules involving the lingual and left lower lobe are dramatically less pronounced. The irregular and linear type densities which remain may reflect post treatment changes/scarring. The conglomerate adenopathy noted within the left axilla is not completely visualized, however it also appears less prominent. There is a low attenuating structure noted more anteriorly and inferiorly, which may reflect necrosis. In addition, the right peristernal lesion has decreased in size. The small lesion involving segment 5 of the right lobe is also much less prominent.
2. No new nodules, masses or regions of adenopathy are identified.
3. Stable appearance of the sclerotic lesions involving the axial and appendicular skeleton compatible with osseous metastatic involvement."

There's a 4 and 5, having to do with the evidence of surgeries and my P.A.S. port in my arm.

Earlier in the report, it said that "The visualized liver and kidneys appear unremarkable."

Translation: The densities they see in the left lung probably reflect scarring; the lesion under my armpit, the right "peristernal" lesion (i.e., on the right side of my breast bone, near the TRAM flap scar, something in the right lung (which I didn't note before) is also smaller. The lesion that is "anterior and inferior" is a satellite lesion in the armpit, located lower and toward the back looks like "necrosis" (i.e., dead or dying tissue). I do have multiple lesions in my bone marrow, but it appears stable (and probably will never change). Most importantly, no new nodules have been identified.

Cool, eh?


laurie said...

Now that's a great blog post. HOORAY!!!

Dee said...

I agree, Laurie! It makes the fatigue and other discomfort so much easier to bear! It's working!

Joanna said...

This is cooler than cool!

cyn said...

Yay - I hope you're doing a happy dance. And as an aside, I love seeing the word "unremarkable" in my medical reports. Have you ever been so happy to be unremarkable in your life? :-)