Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank yous!

I've already received some responses to today's newspaper article. I've received two jokes (one is below), the promise of a joke in person - it needs to be told in an Irish brogue or it doesn't work, apparently, and a gift certificate for either a manicure/pedicure from a local salon (Hair, Body and Sole). The owner of the salon (whose name I do not know yet) is a breast cancer survivor, too. Thank you, all!

The joke is:

When God created Woman, he gave her not two breasts, but three.
The middle one got in the way, so God performed surgery.
The woman stood before God with the middle breast in hand.
She said, "What will we do with the useless boob?"
And God created Man.

Also, one of the moms whose child is in my class has been giving me dinners - every Thursday for the past three weeks. I just wanted to tell Norma Thank you!! I love everyone's cooking but my own!

My colleague, Sunil, sent me the following link about drug names. It's an interesting process, for sure! Here is the link:


The gist of it is that after it gets FDA approval, the company often chooses a "catchy" name that sometimes relates to the illness it's used for.

Also, I am struggling with blogspot about creating internet links in my blog. I got it to work once (after struggling for 30 minutes) and I think I'm replicating what I did before, but it hasn't worked lately. So, I'm sorry!


Sue H said...

Great article Dee - you truly are an inspiration. I have had to use humor myself for medical issues, that I deal with, with heart issues. We also use humor with my husbands depression. I have started a book on autism, that is to be humorous, not that the disability is humorous, but just dealing with the ups and downs needs to be doable. You have always had an impact on me, as a person,and that is further defined now. take care and let the humor flow
Sue H

Dee said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! How are you doing? It's been a several months since I've seen you. I can't wait to see what you write on autism . . . and I like the idea of being able to talk about it with humor. You were a big help with Eddie, you know. I attribute a lot of his success today to Early Intervention! Take care!

Carver said...

Hi Dee, That's a funny joke. You might find some you like at this site: Cancer Jokes

When you are creating a post in blogger, if you type in a name for a site, select that name with your cursor, look to the right of the italics sign on the part where you choose fonts, you should see a link sign on a globe. Click that on and copy the full site address in there. Then go back to your post.

You should see a link that can be clicked on. The place where you are copying the link, once you select the link sign on your toolbar, already has http so you have to be sure to copy over that if you are copying the full address with the http part. I fear I'm making this clear as mud. Of course, you can always provide the full web address like you did in this post since it's easy to copy paste it into a browser.

Thanks for the link about the naming process for drugs. I know when I've read up on new treatments for melanoma it's confusing since so many are in clinical trials and those go by trial name.

Take care, Carver

Dee said...

Hi Carver,
I'm going to try to correct that link as soon as I finish this comment. I think the step I forgot was highlighting/selecting the name before clicking on the link sign on the globe. If I am successful, my post will magically (well, maybe not magically) be fixed.

Thanks for the link to the jokes - I'll have to check them out!

Dee said...

Woo hoo! It worked! Thanks, Carver!

Carver said...

I'm glad I could help. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that. My problem is I need a handbook. I can handle computers if they have handbooks but everything now is online and I don't like that. I hate to waste paper printing out instructions but I find it hard to learn how to do something when I read it on the screen. Not sure why.

Dee said...

You know, Carver, I have to print something out, too. I think it has something to do with having to scroll up and down - because when you put up a document on the computer, in order to see the words, it has to be a certain size, and then the whole piece of paper can't fit on the screen. I also like to write on documents. So, I end up using/wasting a lot of paper, too. Maybe we're too old to use documents when they are up on the screen.

Hmm, now you got me thinking. Because I have no trouble reading a blog or whatever, something that was created for the internet on the computer. But something that I am used to being printed on paper I want printed on paper. What's up with that? Food for thought.