Thursday, March 20, 2008

More thank yous!

I have received more cards from folks expressing that they're pulling for me, Norma Vega continues to give me dinners every Thursday, and I received some jokes - most of which I have already posted. I also have received replies from folks who are interested in the drug repository idea.

So, thank you to my neighbor, Mike Wolf, for sending me that newspaper clipping. Lisa at Hair, Body, and Sole gave me a gift certificate for a free pedicure - which I am using on Saturday! I decided to get my hair trimmed there while I was at it. Court Smith, who served on my master's degree committee and now a retired colleague, saved me a copy of the GT article.

Thank you to Theresa Hogue for writing that article, too. My average number of hits to my blog rose from 25/day to 40/day! Overall, I think my readers may have doubled! I decided to go ahead with the article in case it might help other people going through treatments and also to try to get more boob jokes. Also, to let people know that even though that dreaded cancer word, "metastases" now applies to me, it doesn't mean that I will die soon. I don't want to mislead people because not alll "mets" are alike - some are more aggressive and less treatable. I think that my mets are manageable and will allow me to live for a long time.

Joke givers included David Carlisle, Elena Maus, and there was one or two more.. . sheesh. Chemo brain!

As for the drug repository idea, I have had about 8-10 people respond and say they were interested in helping somehow. I've also sent an email to Sara Gelser to ask her how to proceed. I will write an email to you all in the next few days suggesting a plan of action. I also thought that we could start another blog, devoted to this issue. Cath from the support group mentioned that in there was a letter to the editor in Tuesday's GT regarding unused drugs. I will post about that later today, since there is apparently some proposed state legislation on the matter, having to do with requiring drug companies to take back unused prescription drugs. I want to look into it more because I'm not sure exactly what that means. But my cynical take on it is that this might allow drug companies to "double-dip" - people returned unused prescriptions to them, which they can then redispense and make more money off of it. But I don't know that for sure so if someone wants to enlighten me about that, I'm all ears! I shouldn't be so cynical and I hope that the "double-dipping" issue was already thought of by someone else!

Well, have a great day everyone! Thank you, everyone, again, for your support and your prayers!

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