Monday, March 17, 2008

Breasts as Buttocks Mimics by Desmond Morris - also not a post for young viewers

My colleague, Missy Cheyney, told me about this article . . . I still have to get a copy of it. But the point he makes is in answer to the following question:

Why is that humans, of all mammals, developed such large mammary glands, bigger in proportion than other mammals?

The answer, as I understand it, is that humans are the only mammals that have face-to-face sexual intercourse. All other mammals have sexual intercourse via rear-entry (that's the crude term - what is the more "official" term?). So, large breasts developed to mimic buttocks, which might contribute to greater desire on the part of males.

So, I guess that explains why men like bigger breasts. They're reverting back to their animal natures!!! Ha! : )


Carver said...

I probably shouldn't leave this as a comment on your blog but I couldn't help be reminded of the song, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" and a side story. A woman I knew had a 4 year old son who heard the song and came up with his own version which was, "My mom has a big butt and I cannot lie". Ah the world is a changing.

My mother wouldn't let us use the word butt when I was growing up and I tried to do the same with my daughter until she said but Mom my teachers say butt. I gave up! I had very colorful language in my teens and until 27 when I had my daughter. I decided to stop using any profanity after I had a baby because I didn't want her first word to be "oh sh--" or what the f---. Once my daughter was 20 and used profanity correctly I figured, I guess I can start cussing again.

Dee said...

Those are great stories - now I'm going to have to find that song . . . someday, it'll be fun to try to post song snippets to my entries! Anyway, my son is at that age where I think he's hearing cussing at school and every once in awhile I use profanity, too. "Oh sh---" is a favorite one of mine. A couple of years ago, he liked to watch Higglytown Heroes on Disney and one of the characters says "oh, pickles" all the time. I successfully trained myself to say that and I used it a lot when playing cards with my buddies. But then they got me out of the habit because they'd say, "okay, the kids are asleep (or in the other room), so stop saying 'oh pickles'". In the past week or so, Eddie has said, 'oh ssshhh' under his breath - but I haven't actually caught him saying the whole thing, but he's close! Yep, the world is changing!