Friday, March 21, 2008

Imagine an Irish brogue for this one . . .

An emeritus professor here at OSU told me this joke. I don't want to get him in trouble so I didn't name names.

Okay, so you'll need to imagine this whole joke told in an Irish brogue. If you're anything like me, your Irish brogue sounds better in your head than when it comes out of your mouth. When I lived in London three years ago, I would try a British accent and my son often told me "talk regular, mom". So, proof of my lack of ability with accents.

Anyway, here's the joke - and I ask forgiveness of the joke teller if I don't tell it the way he told me. He told me yesterday . . . I blame chemo brain for not remembering it as he told me!

A man walked into a pub in Ireland, but he looked a mess, walking funny and his arm in a sling. The bartender said, "Hey, Paddy, what happened to ya? Ya look like you got hit by a train."

Paddy said, "Yeah, I got hit by something. But it wasn't a train."

"Well, what hit ya?" said the bartender.

"Well, that O'Shaunessy beat me with a shovel he had in his hand!"

"So, didn't ya have a weapon in your hand to defend yourself?"

Paddy replies, "Well, I had something in my hand, but it didn't make a very good weapon."

"What didya have in your hand?

"Mrs. O'Shaunessy's right breast!"


Carver said...

My Irish brogue is better in my head that out of my mouth too. I have this image of you walking around campus asking your colleagues for boob jokes, ha.

Dee said...

Actually, that's exactly what I do!! Lately, when people tell me that they've seen the article, my reply is, "so, do you have any jokes for me?" LOL.

In my department, frank talk about boobs and the telling of boob jokes is starting to become normal. That's a kind of weird thing to say, but it's the truth!