Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Wonderful Quick Trip to Bandon, Oregon

Yesterday, I drove 4 hours down Hwy 101 and landed in Bandon for the night. I met one of my oldest friends, Paula, and her husband down there - she's a school teacher and on spring break, too. I arrived there about 4pm and it was beautiful down there. Windy, but sunny. While they took a nap, I walked on the beach and then on Coquille Point, where they had a half-mile interpretive trail. It took me about an hour. It was absolutely gorgeous and it felt so good to breathe in fresh, clean, sea air! I was kinda tense (issues with my partner) and the walk really rejuvenated me! Anyway, I will see if blogger will allow me to post a picture and then add a caption . . .

When I took the steps down to the beach, I first headed south and walked as far as I could in that direction - maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile. Then, as I went up to the bedrock that blocked my way, I was greeted with a little treat! There was this hole in the rock! Didn't expect to see it; another lady was also there and we both said that it was a pleasant surprise to see that there!

I tried to take a picture of the building where my room was - you can just barely see the roof above the rocks (look over the steps) - the cars are to the right of my building.

This rock is on the north end of the beach where I stayed - I stopped and watched the waves crash through the hole in this rock for about 10-15 minutes. I was awed by how much force the waves must have as they go through this hole.

Below is a view of Table Rock, which was north of where my room was. There are a bunch of birds (the white specks) on it. I took the picture from Coquille Point, which is a national wildlife refuge, noted particularly for the migratory sea birds that fly through here in spring and fall.

This was the view of the rocks outside my window this morning - I happened to look out when the sun was shining on the rocks, otherwise, the rocks would've been dark as it was mostly overcoast today.

I had never spent time in Bandon before. I liked this little community but more importantly, I really loved this beach because of the large rocks that lay just off shore. There was one rock called "face rock" but unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of that one. You could see it really well from my friend's room. Also, I apologize. The pictures are small - meant to make them larger, but blogger is going awfully slow posting my photos today. I think if you click on the photos, you can get them to go bigger.

We also had dinner at the Wheelhouse in Old Town Bandon - we had wonderful stuffed mushrooms (with cream cheese and crab meat) and I had the seafood linguini that had scallops, shrimp, tomatoes and capers. Delicious! It was a very good visit with my friends . . . too short, but I had to come back today for my appointment with my oncologist.


Carver said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and great photographs. The hole in the rock is fantastic.

Dee said...

Thanks, Carver! I only wish I had your photographic talent - I think you're pictures would've turned out much better!! For one, you'd know how to adjust your camera in the sunlight so that the details of the rock would still show while cutting down on the glare. Maybe someday!

Dr. Carlos A. Suarez said...

Hello Dee
I Live in Bandon and it is impossible to see face rock if you do not go to the Face rock state park viewing place.
I am glad you liked the place!