Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ending Spring Break with a Bang

My son and I just got back about 5:30pm from the Great Wolf Lodge, in Grand Mound, Washington. First, it's heaven for kids - with a huge arcade room and an indoor waterpark. I managed to stay away from the computer for over two days! It was great . . . it's amazing, though, that once I got back on the computer, I've been on almost constantly! Shame on me.

I feel guilty about going to this park because of the sheer amount of energy, electricity, and water this lodge uses! While Carver ( observed Earth Hour for well over a day, I was wandering around this lodge with my son. He had a grand time in the waterpark - going down a massive funnel-looking contraption in a four-person raft and getting dunked by a giant bucket of water - and at the arcade (where he won over 1000 tickets over the two days). I wanted to do something with him that was fun for him. We went with my sister and her family and her daughter's friend and also my partner, so I was able to take breaks from the pandemonium - my brother-in-law took care of Eddie in the park a couple of times since I couldn't get into the water - and Scott took him, too, as well as to the arcade. I did manage some time to myself, though, when I treated myself to a "self-renewal" 90 minute ayurvedic relaxation session at the spa. Laurie, I think was her name, massaged my feet and gave me a facial and rubbed my head, shoulders and temples. We had a wonderful conversation, too. She's interested in marine biology so we chatted about that because my own work is with the King Islanders, who subsist on marine resources. We also talked a bit about the similarities between ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. I left feeling relaxed and I believe the treatment was good for my face.

So, a good week-end. I consoled myself about Earth Hour by thinking that I turned down my furnace and my electricity at my house while I was away.

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Carver said...

Hi Dee, I think it's great that you had the trip with your son and he was able to enjoy the water park and you got some spa time. Those outings can be great for everyone. I certainly took my daughter to water parks when she was a child. I also noticed your comment on my blog about it being hard to proof on the screen. I'm the same way. I try not to print out everything like I used to but I have to print out dense text if I'm proofing. I just can't be as accurate when looking at the screen. I think we all do what we can in our own way and the fact that you have taught on some of these issues can have a big impact in ways you may never know. Getting students interested in one area and then how it goes from there is the best in my opinion and although I don't remember the details, I do remember you mentioning a class you taught and how the student were challenged to see how many things they could do and some surpassed what was being asked of them. I hope you are having a good Monday, Carver