Friday, June 10, 2011

Yard Work Party Schedued for June 18

One of the moms in Eddie's class really wanted to do something to help me out - like housework or yard work or something.

I have been thinking for several months of trying to organize a work party. Our yard is out of control mostly because of dad's open heart surgery in February. She couldn't get out in the yard to get to weeding. Even now, dad gets out of breath easily after a few minutes of weeding. And as for me, I haven't done any yard work in like three years.

We finally settled on a date. June 18, a week from tomorrow, maybe beginning at 11am (especially if it is warmer).

Dad is preparing a list of things to do. The shrubs on the side of the house need to be trimmed back; garden beds need to be weeded; a new raised garden bed needs to be built; dirt hauled for that new raised garden bed. I'm not sure what else.

I wanted to invite all my local friends to help out. The more hands, the shorter the work! : )

We will have food and snacks for people. And, drink, too! Thanks in advance everyone!

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