Thursday, June 2, 2011

Already Home

The neurosurgeon let me go home today, for which I am very happy! I am tired, though, and can only hope I sleep. I will gradually wean myself off the steroids. Thank goodness. My stay in the ICU was pleasant.

I only have some numbness in the first two fingers of my right hand. It should go away over the next week or so. Otherwise, I already feel steadier on my feet. I will take it easy the next few days, though.

I also have to wear this turban bandage on my head. I am wearing a handkerchief over it now, as there is a spot over the crown that is not as thick and has some blood. I might put some more gauze over it and tape and then color the outside of the bandage for the heck of it. I mean, if I need to wear it for a week, I might as well, eh?

Eddie was very happy when I rode with dad to pick him up from school. I think he's glad I am home. Now, just to spend the next weeks resting and regaining my strength. The nurse practitioner associated with Dr. K's practice also came to see me. Dr. K knows I had surgery. She asked how quickly I would be released for radiation and I told her that I wanted to wait until until later this summer, that I really wanted to gain my strength back. In the meantime, I wanted to start Tykerb for it's protective effect on my brain. H. said that she would let Dr. K know and he would probably call me this weekend. H. understood my reasons for taking a break of sorts.

Glad to be home!

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Joanna said...

You are a survivor! ICU to going home in just a matter of hours. I hope you get lots of sleep and are able to get off the steroids. I am glad that you are doing so well.