Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Good Day and an Interesting Observation

Yesterday afternoon, I began work on edits on my chapter on the Inupiaq and Yup'ik view of Alaska statehood. An editor, who really doesn't know anything about Alaska or Alaska Natives, had over 30 comments she wanted me to address. When I got into them, I didn't realize how detailed some were going to be, so I needed to look up additional information. While it took longer, I think it made the piece clearer, especially for non-Alaska experts. But some comments were ridiculous and I would have to say " No, I am not going to add Nything on this because it will detract from the main point". The rest of the comments were just tedious edits. So a job I thought would take 2-3 hours took about 7 hours instead.

Gak! No wonder I hate editing. But it was needed and the chapter is better for it. I finished it after lunch.I am so glad that I was able tom finish it!

Then I went to my friend's graduation party and hung out with them for 4 hours. It was visiting with them all. I even had my first beer in almost three months. Wasn't sure if I could but it was enjoyable. Oh, yeah. It was an Alaskan Amber, one of my favorites like Fat Tire Amber. We sat in lounge chairs on their porch, had a barbecue burger and lots of veggies. Then watched a few people play horseshoes while I sat in the sun. It was a relaxing time. No pressure to be "on". Just chat when I felt like it and observe my friends and their family (lots of kiddos, like 10 or more) when I didn't have much to say. Regaled them some with news of my surgeries and talked about next steps. Several are nurses or work in hospitals so Imlet them see my surgery scars on my scalp.

As for the interesting observation: I noticed the other day that the I was able to move the chest tumor a little side to side. I hadn't been able to do that before as it seemed solidly attached. Today, it was even looser. In other words, I think it is becoming less attached to structures underneath.

I think that it is a good thing.

I am going to try to see my local surgeon and see if we can't get the damn thing taken off. I want to be free of any visible tumors, so I can get to the business of keeping any more from cropping up. It is crazy to be considering another surgery perhaps even in the next couple of weeks, but for some reason, the thought of being tumor free is rather appealing. I just don't think any kind of chemo will shrink it. I should also say it isn't growing, either. It is a pain, though.

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Joanna said...

When Alaska was given statehood, I was in 1st grade in So. California. I remember all the festivities and it seemed like a distant land. It is interesting to think about it from a native perspective. I was mostly interested in the fact that the flag would have a 49th star and 50th star because there were two new states. I guess that makes me really old. History in the making...