Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wound Update and Reading Outside

When I changed the dressing on the chest tumor last night, it seems wider, not really longer. But it seems that there is more necrotic tissue on the top layer and it was bleeding some.

I can't wait to be rid of the damn thing. I'm not sure if my concoction is helping or hurting.

As for the area where we're trying to grow skin - it's a bit smaller from Tuesday - about 4x2cm where it was 4x2.5cm on Tuesday. So, some improvement.

The three little areas where there is either an infection and/or cancer - they haven't healed more but they also aren't any larger - they are 1cm in circumference. The wound care nurse put silver nitrate on them again. If it is cancer, let's hope Tykerb can get to those spots and kill the cancer so the damn areas can heal.

Since I didn't sleep as long as I wanted Thursday night, I was pretty tired Friday afternoon. While Eddie played in the backyard, I read a book - "Water for Elephants" - loaned to me by a colleague. I was able to finish the book yesterday evening. It was a good book - seemed a short read, though. As an anthropologist, I enjoyed the inside view of circus life circa 1931. I spent a lazy evening resting and ended up with maybe 7 hours sleep last night.

It's cloudy and cool at the moment, which doesn't bode well for our yard work party. Let's hope it warms up! Three different wweather sites call for rain most of the day, showers this morning with sun breaks this afternoon, and the third, cloudy through the morning and early afternoon with showers starting again about mid-afternoon. Who knows? Wish us luck!

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