Monday, June 6, 2011

Moved from Being Sad to Being Pissed

I was sad after my last post.

But within about an hour, I became pissed off. I think Dr. K wanted to scare me into more aggressive treatments sooner. Well, it worked.

Now, I feel resolute - like I will have energy for the next phase of treatment.

I already made an appointment with the radiation oncologist for next week. I hope to do the treatments beginning June 26 and ending July 15. That way, I can go to the coast for a week knowing that I've done what I can to kill whatever cancer cells are left in the brain.

I will also start Tykerb sometime soon.

I am, however, reserving judgment on the chemotherapy.

Thank you to everyone who continues to think about me, read my blog, pray for me, etc. It surely helps!

And, now, back to regaining my strength.


Caroline said...

Now that's a plan. I like your idea of a vacation after treatment.

Joanna said...

I do think that pissed is very appropriate to the choices that you are faced with. You seem to have a really good doctor who wants to light the fire under you because you need to beat this all back. I am glad you are getting Tykerb. Are you still getting Herceptin?

I hope you can get TDM-1.

Dee said...

Yeah, vacation after whole brain radiation seems like a good idea, Caroline. I just hope I am not too tired afterwards.

@Joanna, I guess my doc did his job because you bare right. He did light a fire under me. I am glad I am still getting Herceptin as it seems to increase survival rates. And Tykerb will help, too, prevent more brain mets. Unfortunately TDM-1 does not cross the blood brain barrier, soothe trick will be to figure out what to do there to keep it from coming back to the brain.