Thursday, June 9, 2011

Visit with the neurosurgeon

I saw the neurosurgeon (which reminds me that I have yet tom post the pic of me with colored bandages) today. I asked how long it would take for the bone to heal back (he cut the bone much like you cut the top of a pumpkin for a Jack-o-lantern) and I don't recall that he gave me an exact date, so I said something about broken arms or legs which take six weeks or whatever to knit back together. He just said, "awhile". He then said that the earliest he would want me to do whole brain radiation was the last week of June or first week of July for that very reason -radiation delays healing.

That is about when I thought I might start. I didn't tell him about the whole Christmas thing, but I did say that everyone says I still have cancer cells running around in my head and he said, "well, that is just an assumption" as if he didn't believe that.

I just realized that one thing I meant to ask him or Dr. K is whether or not the pathology report actually says these tumors are breast cancer . . .

He took the stitches out and then said I could wash my scalp with mild soap. So I did when I came home. I am going to see him again next week and he will finish shaving the rest of my hair off for me, in addition to making sure I am healing as I should be. But shaving may be a moot point - my hair starting falling out again, from the one session of whole brain radiation. As my sister said "Well, that must be a sign that it worked". Yep, Rena, I think you are right!

There seemed to be more necrotic tissue on the chest tumor - at least, it is draining more and then when I changed the dressing, it was bleeding more. That might be a sign that that gets taken off sooner rather than later. I see the wound care nurse tomorrow and see what she says.

Today was a good day, even if I am so so tired (got about three one-hour naps last night, and an hour nap yesterday afternoon. Saw my therapist and talked about the Christmas comment but then talked of future plans. Then my aunt and uncle came down from Portland for a visit. It was fun. Thank you Aunt Nancy and Uncle Alex!

Tomorrow, I see wound care and then get Herceptin and Zometa. Then in the evening is Eddie's school carnival. I will hang out with him for half the time and then his dad will take over as I am not sure of my stamina. It will be a good day!

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