Thursday, June 2, 2011

Now in ICU

I had the surgery yesterday and am now recovering nicely in the ICU. The nurses are great and am enjoying visiting with them. Mavis the nurse says that it is nice to have a stable and aware patient to visit with!

I will head to a regular room later today as I don't need the constant monitoring.

My is scalp is tender as then tumor was removed corm near then crown of my head. I am back on steroids, so am back to constantly eating crackers. My tummy just gets bubbly - not nauseous - so the crackers calm it and the soda lets me burp.

The nurse said that Inshould recover more quickly this surgery since I am already farther along than last surgery. I took a walk down the hall.

I forgot to askmthe surgeon if he got it all. I assume so as he said the surgery went well. Also want to ask him how long them swelling typically lasts after surgeries of the brain. Just had a CT scan. Guess I will news of that later.

I guess I get to go home tomorrow. YAY!

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