Friday, June 17, 2011

Medical Appointments This Year aka Why I need to go on disability

This morning, I figured out how many appointments I have had so far this year.

There have been a totals of 168 days this year.

I have had 110 medical appointments, NOT including some for Eddie.

There have been 24 weeks. For four weeks, I went to urgent care to get my dressing changed on Saturday and Sunday. So I had appointments on 4 weekends or 8 weekend days.

If you take out the other weekend days (20 weekends x 2 days = 40 days), there have been 128 days when I could potentially have appointments.

I was in Hawaii for 9 days.

And I have been in the hospital for 12 of the days with surgeries, which has NOT been counted in the total of 110 appointments. So if you count the hospital days, I had appointments/medical care on 122 days. In other words, almost one appointment a day.

Criminy. No wonder I haven't done much work this year!

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Caroline said...

You are worse than me! I have averaged over 60 appointments a year for the past four years and I thought I was bad!