Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An interesting option

It occurred to me yesterday to look at my Social Security statement - you know the one they send each year about how much you'd receive when you retire and/or go on disability and how much the survivor benefit might be?

Well, the statement I received in 2009 (couldn't locate last year's or this year's) gave me an amount that would cover my COBRA benefits if I went on disability. Between that and my long-term disability payments, my monthly expenses would be taken care of and I'd have insurance.

Plus, I'd be on Medicare, I presume. So, it would mean getting a supplemental insurance for that.

I just don't know if social security would say I'm sick enough to be disabled. But it is enough to look into. Sorta hate saying I'm disabled because I don't FEEL that sick. But I just might have to make that choice anyway.


Caroline said...

I would apply for Social Security. If you can't work, you deserve it. And a friend told me if you are stage IV they dont ask as many questions and approve you fairly quickly. Good luck!

Caroline said...

I just found out that Social Security is no longer mailing annual statements as a cost saving measure. To find out your benefits go to www.socialsecurity.gov and click on 'Estimate your retirement benefits' - this was in Consumer Reports that arrived today

Joanna said...

I believe that it takes six months from application until coverage begins or something like that. It is critical to apply asap so that the waiting period is being satisfied.

Joanna said...

I went back and quickly checked and I think you can get benefits six months from application. Does it take 24 months to get Medicare? I saw some references to this.

Dee said...

Hi Caro.ine, thanks for the info. I tried that link and for some reason, I couldn't access the site. So I will call and find out.

Joanna, the SSA site said 3-5 months. If it were in place by fall, I would be okay.

I have been getting conflicting reports about how soon I could get on Medicare. I will look into that, too

flynnster said...

You just had two tumors removed. From your head. Go on Social Security -you deserve it no matter how you feel! And if it will make your life a little easier it will be totally worth it.