Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It was a good day . . . A good day indeed!

Today was absolutely beautiful in the valley. And I felt good. I had at least 7.5 hours of sleep AND I didn't have diarrhea - thanks to the Immodium. So I had plenty of energy to take Eddie and his cousin - excuse me, I didn't take Eddie, but I joined my son and nephew to the new water park, Wings and Waves, located about an hour north of here. My brother Scott actually drove and supervised the boys since I couldn't go in the water because of my wounds.

I will say that I think ALL the boys had fun. I think my brother surprised himself. I enjoyed watching them, although at times, I was too hot. But it was worth it to see the smiles and to watch all three guys so active.

I actually wrote about 800 words on an article that is due July 1. I am only about 25% done, but it was a great start. The hard part will come next as I need to research some information.

I also worked on some puzzles.

Two strangers asked me about my compression wrap. I just replied, "They took some lymph nodes, so now there is swelling. This wrap is trying to get rid of the swelling." then I didn't volunteer any more info. One man was a Viet Nam vet and his arm was very scarred misshapen. The other man said his wife broke both her arms in three months. I just smiled and said I hoped things were better now.

We came home to a cooked meal - thanks, mom!

I am now officially tired, but it is a good tired from having gone out today. It feels good!

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