Saturday, January 23, 2010

To Victoria and Home Again

I'm sorry I haven't posted the past few days - I traveled to Victoria, BC, on Wednesday (it took me a flippin' 14 hours!!! because of a mechnical problem on a plane) and didn't get there until 11pm. I was routed through Vancouver BC and while waiting for my flight to Victoria, I decided to have a beer at a pub there. While I was on Facebook, I heard a screech - several screeches really - and then there was a rat running across the floor! It went from one side of the bar (on one concourse) and ran to the other side of the bar (to the concourse on that side) Holy cow! At an airport! I took my feet off the floor and put them up on the chair across from me, just in case. Then, about ten minutes later, the rat (same one, presumably) ran back across to where he or she came! That was my excitement.

I spent Thurs and Fri in meetings - about 12 separate meetings with individual people each day. I was part of a three-person external review team that was evaluating a master's program in Environmental Education and Communication.

The program itself is unique - I don't know that there are any other specifically Environmental Education programs anywhere else in North America.

Anyway, I learned a lot and then took a cab about 4:15 to the airport, then waited for the flight to Seattle, had a 3+ hour layover, then a flight to Eugene. We landed at 11:45pm and then I got home by about 12:45am. Asleep by about 1:15pm and up at 8:30am this morning.

I'm tired.

I have an afternoon qigong workshop today. Nothing really going on tomorrow, but Monday afternoon, I'll be part of a meditation class. Before the class, I will start Herceptin and will take that along with zometa every three weeks and then take daily Tykerb pills.

The pain under my armpit - which is episodic and happens only when I use or stretch out my arm - is probably due to a pinched nerve from the swollen lymph nodes. I've been taking Tylenol fairly regularly which seems to help.

Anyway, the sun is shining and things are settling in at home. Time to get going! Enjoy your week-ends everyone!

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Daria said...

Sorry the trip was rough ... Victoria is so beautiful.