Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Creative Writing Stories - by Eddie

Before the holidays, Eddie wrote a few creative writing stories. The stories just made it home, though (they get lost in Eddie's desk). There are three of them:

"My Trip to the North Pole" by Eddie (teacher's grade - 100/100)

It was 9:30pm on a Friday night. I was playing N64 Sherbet Land on Mario Kart Wii. I fell asleep during the 3rd and final lap. I had a dream that I was in the North Pole. BTW, if you were wondering who I was playing as, I was playing as Donkey Kong in a large bike called the Phantom. Anyways, I walked with my mom because we felt like seeing what there was to see. Then, after we walked a mile, we got hungry. We brought cheese zombies and chicken nuggets from Burker King. BTW, the cheese zombies weren't from Burger King. A mile later, we got to Santa Claus's house/factory. We walked to Santa. I told Santa what I wanted for Christmas. "I want a Nintendo DS Lite, Mario Kart DS, and New Super Mario Bros. DS for Christmas," I said. "I'll see if I have those," said Santa. "Bye, Santa," I said. "Goodbye, Eddie," said Santa. then my mom and I explored some more. Then I woke up. The End.

"The Super Duper Mario" by Eddie (teacher's grade - 100/100)

"Fill the world with songs of Christmas," I sang. "I feel like making something," I said. I made a Mario plush. It wasn't just an ordinary plush. It talked. Yes, it actually talked. I made a video on You-tube about the plush. I got a ton of comments, saying, "I want it!" I accepted them. I sold over 1,000,000 plushes. I sold it for $9.99 each. People thought it was a bargain. BTW, it was like a real person. It didn't just say whatever the owner said. It also did your homework, did the chores, etc. etc. Anyways, I sold all those plushes in one day! The next day, I sold over 2,000,000 plushes. I sold them for $9.99 each. I thought I was rich. I mean, I could buy everything I wanted I was so rich. BTW, on Christmas morning, I got Press Your Luck for Wii, and a Nintendo DS with Mario Kart DS. The next day, I sold over 5,000,000 plushes. I was worn out. The End."

"A Christmas poem" by Eddie Kingston (teacher's grade - 100/100)

Christmas day. Christmas night. Christmas is a glorious sight. So awesome, so cool, so old, it makes me feel really bold. Christmas is the best, the presents are like a treasure chest. It's like you're hoping for gold. Hopefully the presents you give or get are not that old. Maybe it's like 15 years. Christmas is full of holiday cheers. Christmas is when you celebrate Jesus's birth. Yes, come on, it won't hurt. Have you been good or bad? If you've been bad, Santa will give you something that'll make you sad. It's coal that Santa will give you if you've been bad. The End.

I think I have a budding writer on my hands!

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Liz Kreger said...

Very nice. You have a budding writer on your hands, Dee. I particularly liked the third story/poem.