Sunday, January 10, 2010

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness on Facebook

The last few days, I noticed a few people posting a color as their Facebook status. I didn't realize until I received a fb email that it was only women. The idea was that women were to post the color of the bras they were wearing at that moment to raise awareness for breast cancer - and to not tell those male-types what it was all about. (Sorry, ladies, I let the cat out of the bag!)

Someone I went to high school with, P. (one of those male types), started a chain of comments that I got a chuckle out of, so I asked for and he gave me permission to post it here on my blog.

P. (male) said, "O.K........... What is all this nonsense everyone is posting with just one word describing a color???? Can anyone explain this to me????"

A. (female) replied, "Women are posting their bra raise awareness for breast cancer"

P. (male) responded, "is it the color of the bra they are currently wearing??? What if you're braless at the time of posting??"

T. (male) responded, "To raise awareness for men wearing underwear, we are posting our colors. Let me guess on you Phil, drawer full of tighty whiteys and your comando?"

A. (female) replied, "I have seen a few women post..none.... and yes its suppose to be the color at the time u are wearing......."

J. (male) said, "Speaking for us guys we would like to request that tomorrow you all post your bra size instead."

A. (female) replied, "Oh dear god....that would not be good....not for me anyways....."

J. (female) said, "guys don't get a say!! lol"

P. (male) replied, "As far as Commando Tony, HOORAAH!!!! They don't make cups that big... And I agree with Jim, and pictures should be included for proof!!!! Especially you Amy!! LOL"

K. (female) responded, "OMG...I will now go poke out my mind's eye......."

Ka. (female) said, "if guys have moobs, they seriously need to wear a bra, hahahah"

A. (female) replied, "U guys are too funny"

Deanna (me), said, "I collect boob jokes (I have breast cancer) - and this whole exchange made me chuckle. Can I post it to my blog? ( (If you want to see my boob jokes, go to my blog, then scroll down and look under "Labels" to find humor - and there they are.)"

P. (male) replied, "It's fine with me Deanna..."

C. (female) said, "36D - LOL"

Thank you, P., for letting me post this . . . I think what I found funny was the comment about guys and tighty whiteys and moobs. I like it when people turn a joke upside down!


Liz Kreger said...

This is too funny, Dee. Thanx for the chuckle.

Dee said...

You're welcome, Liz! Thought it would be fun to share. Hope you're doing well.