Friday, October 9, 2009

A Message to S.

S. told me yesterday that I was focusing too much on the markers and thinking too much about the "what ifs" - such as "what if the numbers continue to go up, I will have to do IV chemo", etc. Worrying about the future, in other words. He reminded me that I needed to live in the moment again and to live life as if I'm immortal - which is what most people who do not have chronic illnesses do. They plan as if they will be alive for years and years. He had noted a change in my tone in my blogs over the past couple of weeks and said that I'd gotten off-track and told me that I needed to get back on-track and live for the day. In other words, an attitude adjustment is in order.

Just wanted to let him know this . . . mission accomplished! I feel better today and happier. The sun is shining and it's looking to be a great week-end! TGIF everyone!

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ascottk said...

As Steven Wright would say: I plan on living forever. So far so good!