Thursday, October 1, 2009

Anthropology is considered a dirty name in some instances . . .

especially among Native Americans and Native Hawaiians (and other colonized peoples) but here is a good reason why it isn't. The link below is a news story about Richard Ruiz, who just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Richard graduated with a BA in Anthropology from Oregon State University. His wife, Katora, was a McNair Scholar and I was her advisor. I even rented a house from them for a few months after they were sent to Japan. Anyway, they were both very good students, very engaged and it was heart-warming to read this news story, especially about what Richard had to say.

Here's the link:

Richard Ruiz in the Gilroy Dispatch

Good job, Richard! This is why anthropology matters!


mapdr said...

ooo, don't go overboard on defending anthro by getting all Shakespeare-like (me thinks the lady doth protest too much). I am glad your teaching touched someone in a way that continued the ripple of good energy moving along. You have every right to be proud.

Liz Kreger said...

What a terrific article. Very heart warming, Dee. Thanx for sharing.

Dee said...

Hi Renee,
Yes, perhaps I "doth protest too much" - guess I'm still smarting a little bit from my conversation last Sunday with your advisor! Anyway, I also thought it might cause you to chuckle! I'll stop my defense of anthropology for awhile! In the end, while I taught Richard in one class and worked with his wife, it was really he who took what he learned and applied in a real-world setting. Anything that can help bring understanding between peoples is a good thing, eh?

Hi Liz, I'm glad that you liked it . .. I felt very proud of Richard. Both he and his wife are good people and I'm happy that he's doing so well.