Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Almost Relapse?

I woke up yesterday feeling really tired, like I hadn't slept. However, yesterday was a teaching day, so I had to go to work. Extra caffeine yesterday morning gave me enough energy to teach. But afterwards, all I wanted to do was to come home and rest. I picked Eddie up after school and just stayed home, watching TV. I felt a slight sore throat and toward the evening, my neck and shoulders were achey. I didn't go to bed early, but I did rest all evening and then got about 8 hours sleep.

Mom and Dad brought over dinner for me - Dad had already prepared it. I feel really lucky that they're close enough to do things like that for me.

So, I feel okay today. Not 100%, but maybe like 85-90%. I don't have the sore throat or the achiness. Good thing - I have a couple of appointments today. Eddie doesn't have school, so he's going over to my folks house.

Thanks, mom and dad, for bringing over dinner! It really helped!

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