Saturday, October 31, 2009

Maybe there were technical difficulties with place arrangements

Yesterday, our downtown merchants gave out candy. Eddie and I went down there. Lots of kiddos in costumes. Eddie was a penguin.

Upon our arrival home after being at my colleague's house, he decided to sleep in his penguin costume last night and tonight.

This morning, I asked, "What happened? There's a penguin in Eddie's bed!" The penguin, whose name is "Weirdo Penguin", said, "How did I get here?" I said maybe Weirdo teleported here from Antarctica and Eddie teleported to Antarctica. Weirdo then asked what teleport means, so I explained the concept, and in reply, he said, "Well, maybe what happened was that there were technical difficulties with place arrangements."

Cool! I like that explanation, too! LOL

I asked Weirdo what he liked to eat - he said, "fish" so I said that I had some "Cap'n Crunch fish squares" and also some orange and square "cheez-it fish" and would either of those kinds of fish be okay to eat. His reply, "Sure!"

Happy Halloween!

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