Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No more ibuprofen

The doc at the radiation center took my blood and a urine sample yesterday, but by the time I got there, the bloody urine has gone. We figure it is the Ibuprofen, which I took on Sunday. They alsomsaid I could take a second dilaudid pill so I age been alternating two with one to help with pain.

I cried a lot yesterday, especially at the radiation center. I can't wait for the WBR to be over. Two more sessions. Then I hope the nausea goes away and I just have to deal with the pain from the arm radiation. 15 more sessions of that.

No tears today so far. That's good.

My hair is falling out from the WBR. I expected it. Maybe in a month it will start growing out again.

Still constipated from the dilaudid. I take a stool softener and Chinese herbs for it.

Oh. I found out that I will start having to pay for my health insurance in October - $500 or so a month. And Eddie's social security benefits will also be deducted from my long term disability payments. I need to figure out monthly expenses here soon. We will be okay, but money will be tighter come October. I have extra now, so will save up. Nice to know what the finances will all look like finally so I can talk to Eddie's dad.

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