Sunday, August 21, 2011

Herceptin tomorrow

I was supposed tom have Herceptin and Zometa on Friday, butnright before my radiation treatment, my stomach got so bloated and was cramping that I was in tears the whole time during radiation. The docs wanted a blood draw, but the nurse at the radiation center couldn't get a vein so I wet to Ambulatory Infusion. The nurses there are upset I had the port taken out since it makes it harder to access a vein but the kink in the catheter, pain and loss of range of motion was too much.

The new symptom was like the one that broke the camel's back. Other side effects I have are:

- fatigue
- pain in my arms and shoulders
- yeast infection in my mouth
- constipation
- occasional headaches when the steroid wears off
- lymphedema
- arm wound is weeping lots of fluid so after awhile, my shirt gets wet
- bald
- weakness and shakiness
- numb fingers in my right hand - the shakiness makes it hard to write, even my signature

Meds that I am on to counteract side effects:
- steroids (but weaning off them)
- dilaudid
- fentanyl patch
- occasional Tylenol, for the headaches
- Valium to sleep mat night
- medication for the yeast infection
- gas-x for the bloating
- stool softener
- Chinese herbs
- probiotics
- an acid reducer

I am feeling a bit better today, although I may have stayed up too long cuz my left arm got swollen. Laying down with my arm elevated helps with the edema as well as the pain.

I am worried about getting through Herceptin tomorrow as I couldn't handle it on Friday. Just worried about being comfortable through it. I also have radiation (6 more sessions) and will see Dr. K. But I got through Friday as I was away from the house for three hours and had calmed down by the time they drew my blood. So that is how ai will get through tomorrow - one thing at a time. I think I am also supposed to get my CEA.

My dad has been great about getting my meds. Eddie has been understanding, too. And I think that I am a tad better today than yesterday. So I will continue to take things day by day. I have much to be thankful for - a supportive family, a great care team (the radiation nurse stopped by at home today and yesterday to change my dressing - send her blessings, too).
Thank you so much everyone! Life is still good. I hope to get outside some to enjoy the deck and maybe entertain visitors. Thank you all!

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