Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Much Needed Break

I saw Dr. K yesterday and after recounting all the side effects I have, he agreed I need a break, at least until after Eddie starts school, so at least a couple of weeks.

We talked about treatment options - chemotherapy - and he also looking I to the TDM-1 trial. He will think about what is next and let me know. What this means is after arm radiation, I will get at least two weeks.

My mood is already better. Tired, but now thinking of other things to do.

He increased the fentanyl patch by 12 mg a dag (now 37 mg) so I don't have to take as much dilaudid, soothe constipation and bloating can start to go away.those sgmptoms are better, but my tummy still cramps.

My CEA was 20, which could indicate both tumor growth as well as tumor death. My interpretation is both. There are spots on my chest growing, but radiation is also killing cancner cells. The CEA has. Een as high as 50. So, it could be worse.

I am relieved I get a bit of a break. I will also get a ct scan to see if Nything else is brewing -will try to schedule for next week when I am stronger.

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Joanna said...

A treatment vacation...I hope you can luxuriate in it and heal. The blood test sounds hopeful. I hope the (treatment) vacation is just what you need.