Monday, August 8, 2011

A new symptom

After a weekend of rest from radiation, I hardly have any nausea. I do, however, have more pain in my necks and shoulders, mostly left but some right, too. So sometimes I take another dilaudid, which is in acceptable limits. It says to take one pill every 1 to 3 hours for pain. I usually take one every four hours. But last night, aboutn3am, I took dilaudid, the anti nausea med. And Tylenol and ended up with bloody urine since about 4:30am. Thisnhappened twice last week, too, so I stopped taking Ibuprofen (did take a dose yesterday afternoon). I hope it is just a combo of meds on. Nearly empty stomach, ut will talk to the nurse today, especially if the bleeding persists.

Only three more sessions of WBR. And 16 more of the arm. Hope the arm pain starts fading more later in the week. I think if I can get through this week, I should start going up on the energy front. Now, I eat, watch TV, rest, sleep or nap, and rest.

Eddie is home and I am glad for that. He stutters less here than with his dad and seems to enjoy just being his own company. My folks have said that they will try to take him on some outings a couple of times a week while I rest from the treatments.

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Joanna said...


You have gone through so much. I hope that the symptoms are just from the combo. I am here cheering for you to get to the finish line for the WBR.