Thursday, August 25, 2011

Haven't fallen off the face of the earth

I have been busy the last couple of days. Went to Eddie's swim lesson, then lunch with friends, then two appointments. Overdid it in the heat.

Today, I had an eye appointment and the doctor kindly changed out my contacts for me since my fingers are shaky and numb. Offered to do it again next month if I need it.

Then I had a nice long visit with one of my oldest friends, Paula. We have known each other 25 years. Her visit buoyed my spirits. She took me to my appointment, too.

It got too hot today, so dad and Scott will put our air conditioners in tomorrow as I can't survive the weekend in that kind of heat.

Still trying to find a balance with the new fentanyl patch dose, dilaudid, and constipation. Haven't hit the right balance yet.

Lymphedema in my arm is worse in the heat.

Two more arm radiation appointments. I think I am getting more energy, but it is slow work.I have much to be thankful for, including a wonderful care team, friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you everyone!

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