Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Didn't sleep as well

I didn't sleep as well last night so I think I am going to lay down and rest again. I took two dilaudid about an hour ago and it is catching up to me.

My shoulders are extranachey this morning and I think the dilaudid is finally kicking in and helping.

I ended up with bloody urine again lad night. Now I think it might be related to diet pepsi. I had one Sunday and ended up with bloody urine through the night. Inhad one yesterday and now I am having it again. So no more diet pepsi or Ibuprofen at least for the next week or so. And more rest.

I need to pay bills later today. But rest first. My last WBR is today. Thank god. Mom wanted to celebrate but I think that needs to wait until I have more energy and maybe less pain.

I may be really tired now and not doing much. But on the whole, I think I am doing much better than many. If I can get through the next few weeks, I can start gaining strength and energy. Then the attention will be on keeping this crap under control. I have a son to raise.

I am just happy that my family is here to help me so much. Seriously. All I do is go to radiation, eat, sleep, and rest.thank goodness for family to help!

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Nancy said...

Just stopping by via Ann's blog. Sorry you've been so tired, but as you said that will hopefully improve over the next few weeks. How old is your son? My best.