Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles

One of my classmates from high school, K., posted the following comment on Facebook after I posted Joanna's comments about Herceptin and fatigue - the fatigue comes from dying active cancer cells because Herceptin is attacking them.

Good news! Kind of like scrubbing bubbles in your body. Cleaning out all the nasty cancer cells!!!

I love it! Do you all remember that commercial? I think I may have to color or create a mandala about scrubbing bubbles!

Hilarious! It sure gave me a chuckle.

That's what friends are for, eh? Making your load lighter with laughter!


Joanna said...

I think I will adopt that imagery, "scrubbing bubbles". Good conceptualization!

Dee said...

Hi Joanna,
Yes, it is good conception, huh? Love it!