Monday, March 29, 2010

Long Week-end Away

Don't worry - nothing bad has happened to me! My family and I went to Bend, in Central Oregon, for the tail end of spring break. My sister and her two kids, my youngest brother, my folks, Eddie, and I (and my folks' dog, Mimzi) all went.

We rented a house near the south end of town. My sis went shopping. One night, my brother and I took the kids to Sun Mountain Fun Center and another night, my sis took them all. The Fun Center was fun - I liked riding the go-karts and the bumper cars. Eddie enjoyed the Arcade.

Eddie tried to ice skate one night, but it was too hard on him because his ankle ligaments are so loose and relatively weak.

We went sledding on Saturday - beautiful gorgeous Central Oregon day! It was sunny and about 50 when we finally found snow. The kiddos spent an hour and a half walking up the hill and sliding down. Earlier that day, my folks, my brother, and I went downtown and looked at antique shops, grabbed lunch, then went up to COCC (Central Oregon Community College) and walked around. Campus was closed for spring break, but it was still fun to walk around in the sun and see the mountains through such cloudy beautiful skies.

So, it was a fun few days, a busy few days. I was tired last night but got a good night's sleep. Later today, I have a Herceptin treatment. I plan to bring my computer and post some pictures and work on a proposal.

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