Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Overdoing It - When Will I Ever Learn?

I stayed home this morning, but worked on a grant proposal because the deadline is tomorrow. I drove to Eddie's school and then walked to lunch. I was supposed to have lunch with a colleague, but he forgot, so I had my Thai green tofu curry with veggies alone, which was fine. I ate the whole lunch - all the rice, veggies, and tofu. Then I walked to my office.

My legs have felt shaky all day and within an hour of getting to my office, was hungry again. I finally went to the bookstore and bought some cookies and tootsie rolls. I have a craving for carbs - I figure my body is trying to fuel something!

I finally found a file I'd been looking for off and on for a couple of weeks. Then, it was a matter of organizing the papers - someone requested a copy of them. The papers were applications for doing research with my King Island community. I figured I needed to figure out what was in that file, too, to get a better handle on all my paperwork regarding the King Island placenames project.

I had some other emails and such to deal with, so I didn't quite make the copy I needed to. I'll get to that tomorrow afternoon.

I walked back to Ed's school - then we stopped by Blockbuster before coming home. By the time I picked him up, I was exhausted. I've been feeling exhausted all afternoon and evening.

I was also achey - my legs and lower back and a bit of a headache. My neck and shoulders are tight, so I know I'm carrying some stress about this proposal.

I've worked on the proposal off and on since. Had a break for dinner - mom made "Aakauraq's soup" - a hamburger and veggie soup with noodles. And, fresh baked bread. I think I ate half a loaf in addition to a bowl and a half of soup.

So, I'm eating healthy foods - veggies, curry, tofu - but also a lot of carbs.

I also took a hot bath to work out the achey muscles. Then I discovered that I didn't take my herbs and Ibuprofen this morning. Sheesh - that's probably why I'm so achey. But I also probably overdid it today. Holy cow. I hope that next time I have a treatment, I can really truly take it easy for a few days. Holy cow I'm tired.

The hot bath definitely helped, but now it's back to this proposal. It's close to being completed. The purpose of it is to organize all the data related to the King Island placenames project. If it's funded, most of our Corvallis based research team will help me organize the data. Wish us luck!

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