Sunday, March 7, 2010

A good week-end

This past week-end has been both busy and relaxing.

I had three meetings on Friday, so I didn't get much work done at work. Eddie's school had an auction on Friday - complete with a free meal - so that was fun. Eddie and his classmates were in one of the classrooms playing games. He enjoyed that. My volleyball buddies met for a beer, so I joined them and got home by 11pm.

Then on Saturday, I took him to his dad's, and then ran errands; I took my parents out to lunch and we sat out on the patio in the sun - yay Vitamin D! I decided that I wanted to work on another mosaic - so I found some more tiles. I even made dinner last night - I won't say I cooked it, just that i warmed things up. Then I relaxed - I felt tired all day, I think I was recovering from all the activity on Friday.

Today, I drove up to Portland and met an old high school buddy for brunch - we hadn't seen each other in something like 28 years! She was the still nice, friendly, energetic person I remembered! (Thank you for brunch, S!) Then, Scott (former boyfriend, now friend) and I hung out in the Hawthorne District in Portland. The fun thing is that we stumbled on their annual "Art Walk" - maps to various houses in the neighborhood owned by artists showing their work. We went to four houses and then visited at the Bagdad for awhile. Then, home to pick up Eddie.

Mom fixed dinner - a chicken stirfry. Watched Oscars. Now watching NCIS (recorded) and will go to bed soon. I have my next Herceptin treatment tomorrow . . . see you on the other side!

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