Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lichen the Facial Fur - and Mudedward's Mud Fun in the Sun

We went on a walk/hike at Oak Creek today. We were "lichen" the facial fur of Miss Finn and Miss Cat:

Good thing it "shaves" fairly easily!

Miss Finn "trimmed" her 'tache and had a goatee. We were "lichen" that.

After we were lichen the lichen, Mudedward had some mud fun.

More mud fun:

Mudedward is grinnin' after some mud fun in the sun:

Mudedward loves the mud!

Afterwards, I asked Mudeddie what he thought of the day. His reply? "The mud bath was 5 million % fun; the hike was only 10-15% fun." So, I replied, "if you average the two, you had 2.5 million % fun!"

An hour later, one kiddo in the bubble bath, and two soaks and a washing machine wash later, everything's clean again! Totally worth it for the 5 million% fun he had! Priceless!


Liz Kreger said...

Very funny, Dee. Looks like a good time was had by everyone.

Dee said...

Yes, it was fun! Good company. Pretty area - nice fresh air - and seeing Eddie muddy. Definitely fun, Liz!