Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Hotel Stays

I heard back from the American Cancer Society today - I will get a free hotel stay the night before my treatment at UW for the clinical trial. Yay!

Thank you ACS! And, thanks to all who donate money to this organization!


Liz Kreger said...

Very cool that you can get a freebie, Dee. What study are you participating in? I've been a bit under the weather and haven't been blog hopping lately. I gotta get caught up.

Chez said...

Hooray! It always helps to have a little financial assistance on this tough journey.

Dee said...

Hi Liz, Hey, don't worry about not blog hopping - I know that you've had a lot on your plate lately and I'm sorry you're under the weather. I hope nothing serious is going on? It's a clinical trial at the University of Washington - it's an immunotherapy trial where they give me a vaccine (to make the tumor less like my own cells) and then harvest my t-cells (white blood cells) and grow millions of them and then give them back to me. If you want more info, I can pass it on to you.

@Chez, thank you! I just read your profile but haven't had a chance to read your blog. I'm sorry you have breast cancer and I'm also sorry to hear about your son's death. Thank you for reading my blog!