Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding the Waves Mosaic

I started a new mosaic today. I'm tentatively calling it "Riding the Waves". It's a series of five waves on a beach - mainly because my heart rests at the ocean. If I could afford it, I would have my own place at the coast.

Anyway, the mosaic, as it's posted, is sideways. It will eventually be a bench to sit on the deck I also hope to build this summer.

Each wave represents a human member of our household - and our names are written in small beads around the top of each wave, in order of age going from left to right.

There are some tan-colored beads within the waves - a few garden bugs including a dragonfly (my dad's favorite), a ladybug, and something else. There are also words including faith, love, joy, laughter, and trust. I interspersed them in our waves as well. I took faith - to signify that I must have faith to heal myself. I put "laughter" in Eddie's wave.

There's a sun shining on our waves and also two rainbows in the sky.

I'm still working out the details . . . I hope to finish it soon!

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