Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Latest Herceptin Treatment - and Next Week-end's Plans

I had my fourth Herceptin treatment yesterday. Then, after a quick lunch, I went to campus for about an hour and then came home. I started getting more fatigued afterwards, but it was progressive - okay at first and then more and more tired. Last time, I tried to walk from my son's school to my office, but this time, I parked in the paylot across from my building. My legs were a bit shaky, so I thought it was best.

By last night, I was tired, but sorta giddy silly tired. I kept thinking about what Joanna (at "Life Has Its Ups and Downs") told me last time: that my fatigue is indication that Herceptin is working against active cancer cells. I thought, "go for it, Herceptin, do your thing! I won't tax my body so the drug will do its trick".

This morning, I felt pretty groggy. My eyes felt heavy, even though I slept about 8 hours. I took Spagedward to school and then came home, did some work/email/facebook, snapped at the cat - and dad caught some of it, too - when the cat attacked my hand, took a shower, realized just how close my emotions are to the surface (either 'cuz I'm tired or mood swings or something), then played on the computer some more before going to work. I wanted to stay home, but today was the day that a potential grad student was able to come to campus for a visit. So I met with her and then had to introduce the course I was supposed to teach - the person we hired to teach it in my place couldn't make it - my legs were shaky. So, I did my thing and then picked up Eddie.

On the way home, I felt like I could take a nap. But I hate naps. After doing some checkbook balancing, my neighbor stopped by. The poor lady really has no support system, but on the other hand, she kinda drives me crazy, so I understand why she doesn't have many friends. She told me about some legal problems, but her story changed slightly each time I asked her a question - the story was convoluted and the only thing I kept thinking was, "Man, I do not have energy for this". In the end, my dad and I decided she just needed someone to talk to.

But, holy cow, why me? Why today? Ah well. Such is life.

Dad cooked a delicious dinner - pork chops with potatoes and carrots. I've been hungry all day. I figure my body needs extra calories to help Herceptin do its thing against the cancer.

In the meantime, travel plans have been settled for next week-end. Dad, mom, Spagedward, and I will drive to Port Orchard, WA, on Saturday morning. My dad's sister, Aunt Judy, lives there. We'll hang out with her and her husband for awhile, and then Eddie and I head to my old high school friend's house in Bremerton, where we'll stay the night. My old high school friend, S, has two boys, ages 9 and 6. I worked for S's dad for almost three years in the high school and we were friends throughout that time. I haven't seen her in nearly 25 years. Wow.

On Sunday, we'll pick up mom and dad and take the ferry across Puget Sound to Seattle. We'll stay the night in Seattle and Monday morning, we'll go to my first appointment at the UW Tumor Vaccine Group.

So, at least my first trip north will be fun, full of visits with rellies and old friends. I think it bodes well, dontcha think?


Joanna said...

You have such an ability to focus on the positive aspects of your life and your treatment. I really admire you.

I have my Herceptin tomorrow and my doctor counted the weeks since I started Herceptin and it is now 76 weeks. (Herceptin stays in your system for three weeks and that is why that is the interval between treatments.)

You sound like you are starting to adjust to Herceptin. There is a positivity to your post. Have a great weekend seeing your old friend.

Liz Kreger said...

I agree with Joanna. Very positive, Dee. Yay! Sounds like your analyzing the process and adjusting accordingly. Best thing you can do. Take it easy, let your body adjust and sooner or later you won't even notice the fatigue. I'm always amazed at what you get used to.

Have a great time in your travels.