Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying to get my head in an article . . .

but my head is still in summer mode. Hmmm . . . managed to avoid working on my article by REORGANIZING MY TO-DO LISTS. I now have FIVE (yes, five) notepads for different projects and each notepad has a list of at least 10 things to do.

I think that means I have too many things to do.

And, probably, it also means that I've been avoiding things to do as they seem to have piled up.

I'm good at avoiding. Organizing my to-do lists made me feel productive - but I didn't actually DO anything yet.


Well, I take that back, I had four conversations with different people about different projects yesterday. I'll have at least two more conversations today with two different people related to two of the projects from yesterday. So, I guess it was productive in another sense. I just need the time to be alone to do MY part - too many administering the projects to actually DO the work. Another reason why I don't want to be an administrator . . .

Calgon, take me away!


Liz Kreger said...

Ya gotta bite the bullet and get going on your projects, Dee. Procrastination will get you nowhere ... but it does help you avoid stuff. LOL.

Maybe you work well under pressure. If you let things build up enough, you'll get that burst of enthusiasm and get everything done at once --- Maybe. Probably.

Dee said...

I know, Liz, compared to you, I'm nowhere near as productive!! I am a great procrastinator . .. and I do tend to work well under pressure. I have all day tomorrow to work on it! Anyway, I hope I get that burst of enthusiasm . . . because I need it!!!