Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank you for thoughts and prayers

I got an email last week from my Aunt Nancy saying that she was keeping me in her prayers. Also, when I was in Alaska in July, I found out that Aunt Gemma has my name on the prayer list at St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

I just wanted to thank everyone who is thinking about me and praying for me. I do believe that it helps.

Last spring into summer, I was in the habit of doing some breathing exercises that Andrew Weil talked about in Spontaneous Healing. But I fell out of practice. I'm trying to reincorporate them into my daily life as well as into my pre-sleep routine.

Last night, as I was going to sleep, I imagined breathing in all the good energy and prayers and breathing out the cancer.

I'm reading a book entitled "The Energy Healing Experiments", by Dr. Craig Schwartz (who received money from NIH's division of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to perform certain experiments) and in one experiment, he proved that intention - just the thought of doing something, can be detected. I'll go into it later. My friend, Paula, also had a book entitled "The Sense of Being Stared At", where the author, a biologist, performed rigorous experiments to show that telepathy exists not just among humans but between humans and animals, among other things. The author also talks about intention, for instance, how someone will know or think about someone just before they call on the telephone. This just happened to me last week - I decided to call Brenda up on Wednesday to go somewhere for dinner and when I called, she said, "It's funny. I was just thinking to myself that I hadn't heard from Deanna in awhile" and then you called!

I mention both of these books because I think that intention, visualization, etc., do help. Your thoughts and prayers and intentions for me do help and may be making a difference in terms of my cancer - it's not bad. The numbers are rising, but I'm taking steps to keep them for getting worse.

So, thank you everyone. I really appreciate how often you all think about me and pray for me. Thank you!


MisAnthropology said...

<<< thinking cancer blasting thoughts with every from-scratch meal I make, and blowing them your way.

Say... maybe you'll take up cooking as a new therapeutic regimen. Just think about that good, wholesome real food getting into your body and working its systemic wonders every single day.

I'm reading Michael Pollan's 'In Defense of Food', and heard him talking about his NYT Op-Ed the other day, in which he points out the "elephant in the room" in the whole health care debate. What we've been eating for the past 30 years is making us sick. And surprisingly, he's not talking about Big Macs... he's talking about all the fake food that's labeled as "heart healthy" and "low cholesterol."

Dee said...

Hi Mary,
Yes, there's now a whole group of you who are making suggestions for me to begin cooking . . .

I saw your post on FB about Michael Pollan's book and I think your observation about not eating our meals with each other contributing to our bad diets/bad health is probably right on target. I admit that I'm a big-time offender in terms of eating in front of the TV and/or my laptop and Eddie is in the computer room or playing his wii while he eats. Not a good habit . . .

Hmmm, maybe I should go to a food boot-camp where all I do is learn to prepare all my meals every day for six weeks or something . . .

mapdr said...

Food Boot Camp! I wanna go. I like this MisAnthropy person, "cooking as a therapeutic regimen." It works for me.

Dee said...

So, Renee, does that mean you're volunteering for the Food Boot Camp?

I think you and Mary are starting to gang up on me! : )

Y'all are probably right, though, food is an essential part of healing.