Friday, September 4, 2009

More from the Offensive Person

Offensive Person added some more comments - basically blaming the victim (i.e., my family and my partner) for not making more for themselves and not taking advantage of all the vast opportunities that our country affords us. He also told me that I wasn't adding anything constructive to the debate. Then, he said, "Quite frankly i doubt youd make the professor role on Gilligans Island. if you truely are an educator, I weep for our childrens future."

My reply: I will not dignify your comments with any kind of remark. I do not need to defend myself to you.

I should also say that the "initially okay then becoming offensive" person clarified his statement about "Tootsie". He said, "Deanna, read my comment closer. I was telling Todd that I thought his calling you tootsie was disrespectful, thus the quotation marks. I'll not again assume a common interpretation of puncuation. I don't agree with anyone calling you or any other woman tootsie. You have achieved what you have achieved, congratulations. I mean no disrespect."

I thanked him for clarifying his statement.

Okay, I guess this has gotten enough play. I really don't need to spend any more energy answering these comments.


MisAnthropology said...

There are a whole slew of people out there claiming to be "weeping for our children's futures" because of their own mind-numbingly obtuse anti-intellectualism. They 'get back' at the certifiably smart by writing off 'academic smarts' as anything worthwhile.

Ya just gotta understand where it's coming from: deep seated intellectual insecurities and a wholesale buy-in into black and white ideological thought, which feels 'smart' without requiring much brain power and subtlety of thought.

Rena said...

I say gather the possey! lol-just kidding -kind of, where does he live?

mapdr said...

The Offensive One (OO) is rather selfish. It doesnʻt take much to see that the OO values privileged and independent accomplishments. So what if the OO pays to insure him/herself and child. What I see as the problem in the argument is that they are not willing to help others be healthy by giving a little more. Instead, he/she believes everyone must be responsible for their own health care/insurance. BTW, I agree both need to work better for everyoneʻs sake. People like this OO believe poverty is a disease brought upon by poor judgement. It is no "wake-up call" to say companies are in business to make money...but they would be much more successful if their were more people around to buy stuff and there would be more people around if they were better health care/insurance. DUH The OO is just selfish...and afraid bcs he/she likes to be better than others. These people are not worth the breath that can provide life to a plant. Breathe on a plant at least they make O2. :)

Dee said...

Mary, Where were you when I needed a snappy come-back? LOL Seriously - I wish I could!! What a great reply.

Hey Reen, don't know where Offensive Person lives . . . and don't want to know. In the end, it isn't worth my time or energy, but thanks for (I think) offering to be part of the possey that goes after him!

Hi Renee, I agree - that's what bothered me about his comment - the fact that he wasn't willing to give a little bit more so others can be healthy. It's the part about American culture that I dislike vehemently - that pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps mentality (which is a myth, according to Stephanie Coontz in "The Way We Never Were"), which is very selfish and self-serving, greedy, etc. And, yes, I need to start breathing on a plant! At least there's some reciprocity there, huh? :-)