Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greeted with lei's

Renee picked us up at the airport and she gave us lei's! It was pretty cool, because right before we landed in Honolulu, Eddie said, "I wonder if we will get a lei". I'll try to post pics of them because I think Eddie got a male version and I got the female version.

Yesterday, we just relaxed after we got to Renee's house and visited. Renee's partner is Arna. Had a great dinner and just talked. It is certainly humid here. Not too hot, thankfully.

Today, we're heading to the Open Market (a farmer's market) and then the volcano and then the beach. I think there are turtles and fish at this beach, so I should get some good pictures.

Tomorrow, we go back to Oahu and will stay with Renee's parents and drive around the island. We get back Friday about dinner time, I think. We'll go to the beach there, too.

Saturday, we will meet the former chair of my department for lunch in Waimea - he lives not too far away from there. We might see waterfalls along the way.

Sunday, we will meet with one of Renee's colleagues. More beach time then, too.

We leave late morning on Monday . . . darnit!

Anyway, we made it safe and sound and are having fun so far!

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Daria said...

Hawaii is my most favorite vacation place ... I am so jealous.

Hope you get lots of beach time.