Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oxford pics - finally!

I really didn't take many pictures while I was in Oxford. However, I did take a few.

Here's a shot of me at the Eagle and Child Pub. This is where Tolkien and CS Lewis hung out for lunch every Tuesday. They were part of a literary group that called themselves the Inklings.

The only real concession to the fact that Tolkien and Lewis hung out at this pub were these rather amateurish collages. That was a bit of a disappointment; still, we soaked in the environment. Literally. With a pint or two.

This is a picture of a few of the Australians who joined us. Nick, on the left, was Boromir. I said that Clive, in the middle, was Pippin, because he was mischievous and tended to get into trouble (he was the one who peddled the whiskey the night I had a bit too much to drink), and Jeremy is on the left - a decent chap and a sea ice specialist.

This is another shot of the night at the Eagle and Child. Warrick is on the far left, Tavis (who organized the workshop) is in the middle, and Tom, my colleague from PSU (now at Oxford) is on the right.

My colleague, Tom, just bought a house on Kingston Road in Oxford. We had dinner on his patio one night - his wife, Tia, who is a Fellow at Oxford, cooked a wonderful dinner (Thanks, Tia!!). The other interesting coincidence was that Tom and I discovered we had the same birthday - and he's one full year older than me. Tom has completed placename studies among the Tlingit in SE Alaska. I used his research (as well as Basso's) for the basis of my King Island placenames work. Now, we're working on a collaborative grant related to Alaska Native corporations. I didn't take a great picture. Gak. But proof that I was there, eh?

Okay, that's it! Sorry there weren't more ... I guess I was too busy looking around and working to take pics!


Carver said...

Well you probably took more pictures than I did when I was in England. Hard to believe but it's only over the past few years that I've become a total shutterbug. I spent a summer in England in the mid 1970s (three months) and didn't take hardly any pictures at all. I visited Oxford while I was there and didn't take any in Oxford so you did better than me. Your shots that you posted here turned out well.

Liz Kreger said...

Great pics, Dee. Sounds like you had a terrific time. I really gotta get to England one of these days.

Sorta funny. My boss' daughter (Erica) just left for England this afternoon. Doing a semester in Oxford as a matter of fact. Coincidence?

Dee said...

Carver, You are too kind about those pics! They are out of focus (inexpensive digital camera)!! Well, maybe that means that someday, you need to go back there and take more pics. BTW, I had my iPod on shuffle yesterday and ya know what song came on? Mean, Mad, Mama!

Hiya Liz, That's a weird coincidence that your boss's daughter is doing a semester in Oxford . . . and yes, you really need to get to England. While I don't much like London, I did enjoy seeing all the sights.