Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm having the time of my life right now!

This was what Eddie said to me as he and I swam at Kailua Beach on the east side of Oahu. He said that twice while we were in the water and so I asked him why. His reply? "I like the waves." So, definitely, the ocean and the waves are in his blood.

We flew to Oahu Thursday morning and after dropping some things off at Renee's parents house in Aeia, we drove to Sea Life Park. We wandered around this tank that had stingrays and other colorful fish. Then, we saw the dolphin show and were treated with the sight of the "wholphin", a cross between a fake killer whale and a dolphin. After lunch, we saw another show in the Open Theater. Of course, we took seats in the splash zone. We watched the dolphins again and then a little parade that included penguins walking by in front of us and then sea lions. The trainers stopped a sea lion right in front of us and we could see its black teeth. The dolphins did another show and we got splashed by a dolphin who threw a football through the open air roof and who jumped high to do it . . . and splashed us! We all loved it.

After that, we went to Kailua Beach and after Eddie got used to the waves, we saw a yellow turtle swimming about 10 feet away! It was sooooo cool! We stayed in the water almost two hours, then it was back to Renee's parents' house. We took it easy that evening and had dinner at their house.

Friday, we went to the Dole Plantation near the North Shore, where Eddie and I walked through what is billed as the largest maze in the world. We found all eight stations using their map. It took us 48 minutes. It was pretty hot - mid-80s - but we got through. Then back to downtown Honolulu, where we had lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Afterwards we went to a bookstore/Hawaiian art store owned by a woman who was the sister of one of Renee's advisors. Then, we checked out this bead show and I ended up buying some beads from a vendor from Colorado who makes these really cool pendants . . . I'll have to post a picture when I remember!

Then, we went Ala Moana Park to swim - parts of it had lots of coral and so we found a sandier area to swim. Eddie liked being in the water, but it was sorta "boring" for him because the waves weren't as high. Back to Renee's parents' house to clean up and then pack to come back to Hilo.

We just relaxed and unpacked and we all went to bed fairly early. We were bushed.

What's up for today: drive along the east shore of the Big Island, stopping at Rainbow Falls, then to Waimea to meet the former chair of my department for lunch. I think it's at a restaurant not far from Parker Ranch. Back home by late afternoon where Eddie can go swimming again at Richardson's.

Tomorrow: swimming, then watching a local festival where they will perform hula, then dinner with one of Renee's colleagues.

So, we're having fun, keeping busy, enjoying our time here. We brought Eddie's wii and so far Arna and Renee enjoy playing it. My only complaint is that we don't have enough time! Have a great week-end everyone!


Cat, Jeremiah, Finn and baby limpet said...

Enjoy...enjoy...enjoy! We loved Hawaii too...Jeremiah lived in Oahu for a year...lucky guy :) We missed you when you called...we had two memorial services that day...yuck. Can't wait to see pictures when you get home. Kiss Ed for us and have fun.

Dee said...

Hello all you O-G's,
Yeah, sorry to have missed you, but I understand completely. We are enjoying ourselves and don't really want to come home! Alas, it's back to the real world. Anyway, hope you all are doing well! See ya soon!

Liz Kreger said...

Sounds like you are "Having the time of your life". What a great couple of days. I know when (and if) I manage to get to the Big Island I'm going to have to email you for advice on what to do and see.

Dee said...

Definitely, Liz. I'd love to tell you my own impressions. You could probably also contact my friend and get her opinion, too.